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Our services encompass state-of-the-art hydronic in-floor heating for a warm, comfortable surface under your feet as well as forced air heating for evenly distributed warmth throughout your home.

But our expertise doesn’t stop there. We also excel in space heating options extendable to every corner of your property. Our gas fireplaces add a cozy ambiance to your living space, while our garage heaters ensure you and your vehicle are never caught cold.

Each solution we offer is designed to provide optimal comfort, efficiency, and reliability.

Central Heating

Space Heating

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Central Heating Services

Discover a more comfortable living with our comprehensive, energy-efficient central heating services. Our dedicated team of professionals is ready to guide you through these advanced heating options and help you decide what best suits your home.

Our forced-air heating solutions offers a fast and highly controllable heating option, ensuring each room in your house achieves the desired temperature swiftly.

One the other hand, our hydronic in-floor heating system helps create a soothing, even temperature by dispersing warm water throughout your floor, eliminating cold spots and providing the luxury of the warm floor underfoot.

Always remember, your comfort is our ultimate goal.

Forced Air Heating Services:


Furnace Installation

Forced air heating is the most common type of heating found in Edmonton Homes. A natural gas furnace will warm the air while the rest of the forced air systems works to distribute the heat through the ducting, vents and plenums.

They key to a quality furnace installation is in the planning. Our team will assess the style and layout of your home in order to identify your best options for your installation.

We offer semi annual maintenance packages on all of our new installations. The proper maintenance schedule for your unit can be found in your owner’s handbook or by speaking with your service specialist. Our team can repair and service all brands of furnaces.

Hydronic Heating Services:


In-Floor Heating Installation

While furnaces distribute heat through warm air (via fan and ducting), hydronic heating systems distribute heat through hot water (via pipes/tubes and a pump).

Residential boilers typically run on natural gas or oil. In floor heating systems warms up a room by heating the floor directly rather than warming the air in the room. The heat form the radiant floor heating is absorbed by other objects in the room, helping to warm the entire space efficiently.

If you need a boiler replacement – our team of certified professional are happy to make a recommendation that we feel is the best solution for your home. Contact our team to discuss your options for boiler replacements or for installing a new in floor, hydronic radiant heating system.

Space Heating Services

From garage heaters that safeguard your vehicles and make early winter mornings bearable, to gas fireplaces that provide a warm environment and add a comforting ambiance to your living area, our space heating solutions ensure every nook and cranny of your home is enveloped in warmth and comfort.

Our garage heaters are designed to deliver ample heat, ensuring your vehicle and other stored items are optimally preserved against freezing temperatures. Likewise, our gas fireplaces not only blend beautifully with your interior décor, but also provide an efficient source of heat.

Trust our team to provide top-notch space heating solutions that extend warmth, comfort, and value to your home.

Space Heating Services:

Natural Gas Garage Heaters

Garage Heaters

Our experts understand that a well-heated garage creates a warm welcome home and protects your vehicles and storage from harsh weather conditions. We present a variety of efficient garage heating systems and work with you to determine the best option for your space, considering factors such as your garage size, insulation, and specific heating needs.

Every successful garage heating installation lies in strategic planning. We meticulously examine the layout of your garage, ensuring your new heater fits perfectly and operates efficiently, catering to your heating needs. Once installed, we don’t stop there; we offer semi-annual maintenance packages to keep your garage heater in peak operational condition.

Space Heating Services:

Natural Gas Fireplaces

Fireplace Installations

As a comforting focal point in Edmonton homes, a gas fireplace not only heats up your space but also adds a touch of luxurious ambiance. The quality and safety of your gas fireplace installation is our top priority. We take all factors into account, including the layout of your room, proper ventilation, and building codes, to ensure a safe, efficient installation.

We also offer semi-annual maintenance packages to help keep your fireplace operating optimally and looking elegant all year round. Invoke the perfect balance of warmth and style in your home with our expert gas fireplace services.

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