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Spring Air Conditioner Savings!

Take advantage of our latest spring promotions! This year when you purchase a new air conditioning unit and get it installed you can save $500 off. Need a new unit, or have an older system? We can work with you and provide you with the most effective and efficient unit at the lowest price. Our manufacturing partners work with us to give you the best unit at an affordable price.

What’s included in the quoted price?

We will quote you everything you need. Our technician will then provide you with a detailed cost estimate for the unit and installation, including the cost of the unit itself, any necessary ductwork modifications or replacements, electrical work, and labor costs. We may also suggest optional upgrades, such as a programmable thermostat, air purification system, or zoning system, which can improve the efficiency and performance of your cooling system. These upgrades will be priced separately from the base estimate and are optional. When you work with us we will make sure you are getting the best unit at the best price.

How long does it take to install an air conditioner unit?

An air conditioning unit installation can vary depending on a number of factors, including the type and size of the unit, the complexity of the installation, and the condition of the existing ductwork or ventilation systems. In general, however, a typical central air conditioning installation can take anywhere from 1 to 3 days to complete. Typically our installation can be started in the morning and finished before dinner. 

How is an air conditioning unit installed? 

The first step in the installation process is to determine the correct size of the central air conditioning unit needed to cool your home. This is usually based on the size of your home, the number of rooms, and the climate in your area. When you contact us our technician will work with you to figure out the size and make sure you are getting the best unit at the best price.

The next step is to choose the location where the unit will be installed. Typically, this will be outside your home, where the unit can be easily accessed by our technician. The location should be near the electrical panel and should have proper drainage.

Once the location has been chosen, we will install any required ductwork (if needed) that will deliver cool air throughout your home. This involves cutting holes in walls or ceilings and installing vents or registers. The next step is to install the central air conditioning unit itself. This involves connecting the unit to the ductwork and the electrical supply, as well as making sure that the unit is level and secure.

Once the unit is installed, our technician will test it to make sure that it is functioning properly. This involves checking the temperature of the air that is coming out of the vents, checking the refrigerant levels, and checking for any leaks in the ductwork or the unit itself.

When everything is installed and tested you now have a new air condition system installed!