Water Treatment

Star Mechanical can provide many different options to help homeowners treat the water in their home.

Issues such as high iron content, turbidity, acidity, bad taste, odor, and water hardness.

These problems can cause costly damage to pipes and appliances. 

Softeners – Edmonton is located in a hard water zone. Hard water is caused by dissolved minerals like calcium and magnesium. These minerals cause scale build up in your water heating appliances and fixtures. Avoid premature failure of water heaters and other appliances. Protect your biggest investment with an appliance that pays for itself. Water softeners prevent costly scale build-up in pipes, faucets, and showerheads. Water softeners brighten laundry, allow for spot free dishes, leave your skin soft, and hair silky. You’ll use 75% less soap, and have no soap scum left behind. It also results in 29% lower heating costs.

Reverse Osmosis – A reverse osmosis system provides bottled water quality right at your fingertips. They can be installed at point-of-use and feature four stages of purification;

Five Micron Sediment Pre-Filter removes silt, sediment, and sand particles

Carbon Pre-Filter traps minerals and contaminants such as chromium, mercury, copper, chlorine, chloramines and pesticides

Reverse Osmosis Membrane allows only clean water to pass through – trapping impurities and flushing them to the drain – sending pure water to a storage tank

Carbon Post-Filter for final polish before use

Also – We are able to install UV filtration systems, UV sterilization, and other under sink filtration devices. Star Mechanical can also provide a water analysis and recommend a solution based on the results.

We also have installed systems to clean and treat well water, and replace well pumps.

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