Water Heaters

Every home needs hot water, but how you heat that water can be very different from your neighbor. Some people like to keep it simple with a standard atmospheric vent hot water tank.

This is exhausted out a chimney, and usually comes with in 40 or 50 gallon tanks. Maybe you’ve upgraded or you’re in a newer home with a power vented tank. 



This is very similar, but it has a fan to blow exhaust outside to add efficiency. Some of you may even have the most efficient water heaters.



The tankless system heats your water as you need it with efficiency ratings above 90% AFUE.



All natural gas water heaters should receive maintenance on a regular basis. We recommend calling Star Mechanical once a year to have your appliances checked out. No matter how you want your water heated in your house, call Star Mechanical for help whenever you need us.


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